RPA knowledge is power! Which are the best RPA academies?

As we move further into 2020, RPA endures as one of the most profound technologies in business today. For individuals and companies to stay at the forefront of technology, learning RPA can be a huge asset. But what is the best way to learn RPA?

Seizing the opportunity

Before looking at some top online RPA training courses, there are a few more reasons to acquire this knowledge. According to McKinsey & Company’s research, using RPA automation technology can increase ROI within the first year by up to 200%. Furthermore, increased adoption of RAP tools will transform 60% of all jobs in the future as 30% of their activities will be automated.

More thought-provoking statistics from Deloitte’s 2018 Global RPA Survey projected that by 2020, 72% of companies would already be using RPA tech. If the trend continues at this pace, RPA will reach near-universal implementation within the next five years.

What’s the opportunity? While adoption is rife, people with implementation skills are still few. If RPA is so beneficial, everyone needs to learn how to do it right and do it well. Coming to an IT job interview with RPA knowledge on your resume is going to make it hard to turn you away. But it’s not just for IT anymore. Those in customer service or finance are as likely to become RPA superstars, as are IT doyens!

Where to start learning RPA

There are several highly ranked professional RPA courses emerging online, many of which are free. Here are places to start:

UiPath Academy: Free, comprehensive RPA training course covering orientation and structure of RPA tools, installation, flow control, error handling, automation, and debugging of business apps and processes.

ByteScout RPA Academy: This free online training program can help individuals or companies grasp RPA basics through to using RPA tools. Skills are taught at your pace, using RPA experts, educational exercises, and the creation of automation projects.

Udemy: It offers a large number of courses on RPA, focusing on different skill sets and different levels of prior knowledge. Try Udemy’s “Robotic Process Automation: RPA Fundamentals + Build a Robot.”

Automation Academy: Courses from RPA software developer WorkFusion – “Community Courses” covering the basics of RPA, suitable for professionals outside of IT, and “Partner Courses” aimed more at those with a degree of technical knowledge.

Kryon RPA Academy: Offers a range of online training courses from an introduction to RPA to advanced classes on RPA wizard development. Sessions are at a student’s pace, intuitive, and taught using step-by-step demonstrations and examples on the most common applications. Learn how to create automation workflows quickly and easily, and have the option to adjust your learning to your daily activities. Certification is received upon course completion. Discover more at kryonsystems.com/rpa-academy.

Bottom line

As RPA continues to grow and flourish in businesses, it’s no longer a future concept. Whether you’re looking to open new career opportunities or level up your skills, the time to act, learn, and grow within this fascinating and dynamic field is right now!

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