LET-LOK Tube Fittings For Extreme Conditions


For more than 60 years HAM-LET Group’s industry experts have been pouring immense resources, time and effort in the research, design and manufacture of LET-LOK® — today, the leading brand on the market when it comes to high-quality, advanced, leak-tight tube fitting systems. The brand includes a vast range of front-line, industrial-standard mechanisms that are used to grip and seal tubing for every type of industrial application, particularly in severe and high-pressure conditions. LET-LOK® pipes and tubes are also available in a selection of materials to make sure there is a fitting for all industrial requirements.

Information at Your Fingertips

HAM-LET regards safety as an essential factor and knowledge is a part of this. The company therefore provides users with a vast amount of information and tips to make sure they select the right product for their applications to attain maximum results in the most secure and safe way. For example, for top efficiency and safety in gas applications, it is recommended to use tubing with a superior wall thickness. It is also crucial that users follow correct product installation, operation and maintenance procedures. Moreover, to assure personal safety, when choosing a connector one must consider application details, material compatibility, and product ratings.

What Makes LET-LOK® the Choice Brand?

After years of investment, LET-LOK® is the number one choice in a rapidly growing market for tube fittings that can endure use in high-pressure, high-performance environments, such as power, fluid, petrochemical, electronic, nuclear, and other key industrial settings. Each fitting has also endured — and successfully passed — a sequence of severe tolerance tests, including those for impulse, high-pressure, vibration, vacuum, and temperature. Furthermore, the fittings are manufactured according to careful standards using state-of-the-art computerized automation. They have also proven their robustness and strength in tolerating every possible high-pressure condition. The secret behind their leak-tight construction also lies in their mechanical and geometrical advantage.

The Inner Workings of LET-LOK®

If you’re wondering how LET-LOK® connectors achieve such perfect seal and grip, the secret is not only in their manufacture, but in the fact that they are designed for ease-of-use. Assembly is very simple and merely requires users inserting the tube into the full assembly until the tube bottoms-out against the fitting body. The mechanical force created by rotating the nut clockwise, drives the two ferrules onward between the fitting body and nut.

The back ferrule is then pushed against the tapered rear of the front ferrule and the front ferrule is forced into the body’s tapered mouth. Next, the rear ferrule is swaged radially inwards on the tube while lifting the front ferrule out to form a full-faced seal on the body’s tapered surface. Finally, depending on the sizes, the 11/4 and 3/4 turn of the nut from the hand tight position, guarantees a steady drive of the sealing members. This further ensures a full seal against ultra-high vacuum and high pressure settings.

HAM-LET also backs each LET-LOK® fitting with a complete commitment to expert craftsmanship and the highest quality-control standards!

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