HIRO Media earns spot near top of Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA

While 2014 will certainly go down in the books as a good one for HIRO Media, it’s been their hard work and resultant astronomical growth over the past five years that’s propelled them to where they are today. And where that is, is in the seventh place in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA ranking.

The Fast 500 is a list of the quickest growing tech companies with the according to revenue growth rates in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. As HIRO Media is based in Israel, they have also landed in the top five of the Israel Deloitte Technology Fast 50, claiming the fourth position behind Taboola, Superfish and Valens.
To earn their rankings on the Fast 500 EMEA and the Israel Fast 50, HIRO media achieved a growth rate percentage of 22,219% in revenue over the last five years. Comparatively, companies in the Fast 500 EMEA display an average growth rate of 1,711%.

HIRO Media. a company dedicated to video distribution, video syndication and monetization, are far from the only organization offering these services. However, they have found their foothold in the market and are displaying enviable growth thanks to their dedication to customer service, making it easy for content providers to not only get their videos to major audiences, but to reap the revenue that goes with it.

HIRO also takes a unique approach to online video viewership in that they focus on what is called casual viewership. In order to take advantage of casual viewership, HIRO places videos online where casual web viewers are likely to encounter them while browsing, and be intrigued enough to watch. This is in contrast to targeting internet users that are actively looking for video content. Overall, this dedication to content providers as well as the casual viewership approach has turned what Deloitte Technology’s David Halstead calls a survive-if-you-can market into a thrive-if-you-can market for HIRO Media.

HIRO Media joins two other internet companies in the top four of the Israel Fast 50. The first place company, Taboola, is an internet content marketing platform that provides websites with a widget that curates and displays content that each website visitor may be interested in. The second place company, Superfish, is also an internet company, providing a visual search engine. The only non-internet company in the top four is Valens, a semiconductor company specializing in UltraHD transmission.

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