High-End Tube Fitting Mechanisms from LET-LOK


The LET-LOK® brand, manufactured by the HAM-LET Group for more than 60 years, has been a forerunner in providing clients with leak-tight tubing for systems used in a wide variety of industries.

What is LET-LOK®?

Using leading-edge technology and up-to-date computerized automation, HAM-LET’s experts have invested years in researching, devising and manufacturing LET-LOK® systems and making sure that they are available in a wide range of materials so that they can powerfully grip and seal any type of tubing. They are also fully equipped to meet the emergent demand for fittings that can function in harsh industrial environments, for example power, petrochemical, nuclear, electronic, fluid, and others.

How LET-LOK® Operates

LET-LOK® connectors are leaders when it comes to ease-of-use. They are also remarkably simple to assemble. Just place the tube within the full assembly until it bottoms-out against the fitting body. A circular revolution of the nut then creates a mechanical force driving the two ferrules frontward between the nut and the fitting body. To endorse the ultimate sealing of all parts requires a final turn of the nut. This delivers supplementary assurance that the seal will function as required in all severe scenarios.

Guaranteed Safety

Safety is a key issue for HAM-LET and each LET-LOK® system has undergone and passed serious durability tests, such as those for high-pressure, vibration, temperature, impulse, and vacuum. Their mechanical advantage and geometry also allow them to remain leak-tight in all situations. The fittings are also designed by industry experts according to the highest criteria and have proven their strength and reliability.

Additionally, every client receives plenty of guidelines to assist them in selecting the correct LET-LOK® system for their application to guarantee ultimate and safe results. They are also advised to take into consideration material affinity, application particulars, and evaluations when choosing. Additionally, it is imperative to correctly connect, operate and maintain them.

Every LET-LOK® fitting comes with a safety and satisfaction guarantee!

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